3 tips to Transform You From A lonely dateless male To Chick Magnet ROCKSTAR!

By Kyle Smith

Why Can’t I Get Any pussy??

         In America,( And for the most part, in other Anglo Saxon nations) we males are at a heavy disadvantage in the dating scene( have been for the last 20 something years lately).I mean, when is the last time you remembered a smokin-hot woman approaching you for a dance at your local club?  OR how about simply trying to go out with someone from one of those Match.com or POF dating websites? Must of Sucked very badly, I would know. Many times, those same girls who ignored your profile online, would get hit up with like, several hundred different men simultaneously, checking out her profile. Full chat boxes of thirsty men who wanna holla and smash that one chick and proprietary e-mails of desperate guys nationwide who are jumping up and down like ” Hey, over here, its me” out of the 387 other guys commenting on her private message page for the same attention. Most of these dudes are thirsty niggas that have a mission to fuck this one female on match.com,Plenty Of Fish Or Okcupid, and it’s the most saddest thing I have ever seen But then There is YOU, or perhaps a gentlemen whose only wish is to find the love of your life, to be loved by a nice and sweet lady and to have her arm to arm.Your only wish for that one lucky chance to be notice, to feel special and to have a sense of belonging in this cold world or a heartless introverted society.  (Now in the back of your mind  as you read this ,you’re thinking”I Have A feeling that my friends on Twitter will want to read this”) 

             If you are reading this right now, I’m assuming that you live in a  society where dating advantages leans more into women’s favor. Where the women gets all of the pick and say-so in the dating and mating arena. I also would guestimate that you have probably beared witness to some of your close beta male friends from college who were involuntarily  matched up with an overworked and bitchy  lady who runs the show in their relationship. I understand it was painful to see them cycle through a vicious pattern of  going-out on their first date, being engaged , finally getting married and then  filing for  divorce later,pattern repeats over and over again…sigh.

            You see, Our nation is left with lonely men who have no real choices in dating due to a HUGH competitive disadvantage: There’s MORE Women In North America And USA. Ouch! So with so many women roaming the country and the dating scene shifted towards them, what can we guys do? This article could very well change your life so please continue to read, because I’m about to Go over some tips that can help you step your game up to the next level and be transformed into an authentic chick machine who not only has options on who you want to date, but will be able to control your love life to the T without no fail.


 #1.  Being  A Thirsty Nigga is a BIG NO- NO and An even BIGGER turn-OFF!

You don’t need to be like this GUY!

                  Okay, I get already: You want pussy: you want to put the wood inside her wet hoe, jumping up and down for about 20 minutes as her tities bounce from her chest, her nipples get hard and your dick  even harder! Until you bust a nut inside of her as your cum slowly oozes out of her vagina and between her thighs. What guy who isn’t homosexual wouldn’t want to do that?  Thats the ultimate fantasy for most guys, and she knows it, which is why women are VERY successful sexually attracting dudes  into their lovespell. You see, women already know enough about the males most deepest and darkest desires, so its very easy to manipulate men on a conscious and subconscious  level…

Most of you guys will get turn-on by this of course

           And Yet You have no clue  what her deepest and darkest desires might be?  How neat would it be to obtain that knowledge? Well perhaps you should take a look into unlocking the sacred mind-trick to what most women want from a man on a alfa- wave subconscious level here.     (WARNING: Once you know the sacred mind tricks into a women’s mind and heart, there’s no turning  back, you can not undo it, EVER! )

Because if you rub off as this desperate horny guy, then most women will eventually call you out about it. People can see through bullshit once they spot it, and most women can identify the thirsty niggas from the gentlemen. 


#2 Once you Go Foreign, You’ll Never Go Domestic Again…Seriously!



Imagine her being yours?

       Imagine what would it would be like if you traveled overseas to only discover breath-taking and stunningly sexy chicks you could set your eyes on. Then as you immerse yourself through that famous tourist spot you seen on tv or from those google images a bunch a times over the internet, it dawns on you: Wow, why aren’t women in MY country this beautiful?” To Say the least, you aren’t the only one who feels that way. What is even more amazing : that same hot chick you laid your eyes on, actually approaches You and starts talking directly to YOU!, As your heart pumps out of your chest, you start to realize ” Fuck American/ North American chicks, this is where it’s at”! 

I bet you’re thinking right now “ Damn, Foreign women sure do seem sexier than the chicks from my hometown”  Well I have good news for you, Millions of males from The States, Canada, U.K and Down Under are Pursuing a better dating life in The Philippines.

They Say Life is more FUN in The Philippines, Discover WHY SO many American and Canadian Males Are Saying that.   Indeed, the  women from other parts of the world are generally more approachable, happier, healthier,feminine and more educated than their North American and U.S Counterparts, making them easier to  interact and socialize with,date or to engage in  a serious relationship with overall.  Once you actually travel abroad yourself, you’ll understand why the Men from U.S and Canada could NEVER GO BACK to American women.  They are literally treated like rockstars in south-East Asia!  


#3 Transform your Way Of thinking NOW


I want to do a little exercise with you for just a minute: Stare at this picture of clouds for about  5-7 minutes and  imagine yourself doing the following:

Place: Beach

What are you doing: you’re  Playing  beach vollyball

With :your love interest

Now Look at that moving picture of the clouds and just get lost in your most deepest thoughts.

Yes indeed my friend the power of thoughts is very powerful isn’t it? One minute you were just reading an article and now another you were at the beach playing with your love interest. Pretty cool, right? Well what would happen if you could make those thoughts become reality for you?  Your mind must be transformed and your thoughts must become your actions that you can achieve. It’s possible and kind of creepy at the same time. Just hear me out on this one.

I remember this summer, I was at a Starbucks surfing the net , just bored and what not when it hit me like a ton of brick: What if my thoughts become reality? Well as a test, i tried it out. The first thing i did was immersed myself into a deep thought of the following:

An Asian lady walks into a Starbucks to order coffee.

What was weird about this this all was, about 7 minutes later, an Asian Women, did in fact walk into a Starbucks to order Coffee. It was like my thoughts and feelings coming to life! So what if your thoughts did turn into reality? In fact for a minute that day, I was convinced that I had special powers, but  I didn’t of course. I believe In God , A higher power, Jesus, the one who can save us all.  And I don’t know what you believe, but remember, there is only so much that we really have control over in this world. God is the ultimate law of attraction in my eyes.

But I did realize something very powerful that day: Our thoughts can alter the things that happen around us! Stay kept with God, Seek Christ, and All of those things will come to you. Until next time…..

The best way to combat this is by having a positive mindset. Even I said it best in this exclusive video:


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How To make video background capture pages





this video I teach you how to make very awesome capture pages using The Power Lead System Platform. I’ll say this couldn’t be any easier than a simple 1,2,3!. Anybody can do this for real. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on Tumblr.  Enjoy!

Remember Guy, Like The Poster Said” FACE YOUR FEARS!


Page Art


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Christian Filipina Asian Ladies Dating 728x90 wide animated banner 1

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Why using WordPress is important for your business opportuniy

January 3, 2013

By Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

My name is Kyle Smith and I want to show you how you would go about making real money online with your business opportunity using WordPress blogging service. Every business opportunity has a leader and if you want your leads to take you seriously in this post internet age, article writing and branding yourself is very important strategic plan.

When you want to learn more information about a MLM or affiliate program’s legitimacy, you google it right? Once they find a blog about the desired Affiliate or business opportunity, the reader will usually take the blogger’s word for it and opt-in to their affiliate or business opportunity.

This is why you aren’t making any money with yours. My blog however changes all of that with the basics on how you can create a Word press blog and market your program in the same process using a simple to use service every affiliate, network, or internet marketer should be using.

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